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Inclusion in the

"100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics"

2023 List


The list is published by Women in AI Ethics.

See the full list here

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Media coverage 

of my work

Venues that covered my work include:




You can find

the coverage



Distinguished Paper Award

FAccT 2022

For the paper:

"The Values Encoded in Machine Learning Research"

FAccT is the leading publication in AI ethics. 

The paper exposes the political nature of the discipline of machine learning. 

Read the paper here

Read coverage of the paper in MAIEI, VentureBeat, and Mozilla

Notre Dame-IBM Tech Ethics 

Research Grant, 2023

For the project:

 "A framework for auditing

organizations' responsible AI maturity"

The team is creating a framework to audit the responsible AI maturity of organizations. The framework will evaluate organizations on three aspects: their knowledge of AI ethics, how well they embed AI ethics practices into their workflows, and what oversight structures they use for AI ethics.


The project is carried out by

the CAIR Lab, which I lead. 

Read the grant announcement here

Screenshot 2022-07-24 021519.png

Philosophy Postdoc,

The Center for Philosophy of Science, Pittsburgh University

Focus Areas:

AI ethics, Responsible Investments

While at the Center, I researched

responsible AI, responsible investment,

and their intersections. A 5-minute video describing it is here.

The Center is the top center for philosophy of science in the world. 


The University of Pittsburgh

is one of the top five universities in philosophy in the world.


Notre Dame-IBM Tech Ethics 

Research Grant, 2022

For the project:

"Increasing Venture Capital Investment

in Ethical Tech"

The goal of the project is to develop tools to increase investments in responsible tech,

and especially venture capital investments


The project is in collaboration with VentureESG

Read the grant announcement here

Screenshot 2022-07-24 021519.png

Philosophy PhD

UC Berkeley

Focus Areas: 

AI ethics, philosophy of science, epistemology

My dissertation was about power dynamics in science and the discipline of machine learning. 

A summary of my dissertation is here.

I published peer-reviewed papers in top journals, co-edited a book, gave ~50 talks, and taught hundreds of students

UC Berkeley's philosophy department

is one of the top-15 philosophy departments 

in the world

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