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"Why Should Investors Care about AI Ethics?" The Rise of AI Ethics Panel

I participated in a panel about "The Rise of Ethics in AI" and talked about why investors should care about AI ethics. The panel was a part of Altada's 2022 AI Possible Summit in Miami, Florida.

The panel's organizer and moderator was:

Cheryl Rego, Privacy Counsel at Altada

Among other things, Cheryl completed the Artificial Intelligence Programme at Oxford University

My wonderful co-panelists were:

Pamela Gupta, CEO at OutSecure

Pamela is a widely respected global strategist and leader in governance and cyber technologies

Ryan Carrier, FHCA, Executive Director at ForHumanity

Ryan focuses on Independent Audit of AI Systems as one means to mitigate the risk associated with artificial intelligence

Chris Leong, FHCA, fellow & FHCA at ForHumanity

Chris delivers business benefits and releases value from technology innovation

➤ You can find the recording here

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