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What is "impact" and how do we measure it?

We want AI systems to have a positive impact. But what does "impact" mean and how do we measure it? I co-facilitated a participatory exploration of this topic with Rachel Kimber and Jennifer Katell. The event was a part of PEAK Grantmaking 2022 annual conference.

The structure of the session was as follows:

➤ The session was a participatory exploration to better understand what the PEAK grantmaking community wants to learn about impact (PEAK Grantmaking is a community of philanthropy professionals with a special interest in equity)

➤ We started with contextualizing t the exploration

➤ Most of the session was devoted to structured discussions, both in breakout rooms and all together. We discussed questions such as "what do we mean when we say impact?" and "what are we trying to measure"?

➤I facilitated the discussion portion. I will be using a new format for collaborative discussions that I developed especially for this session

➤ No recording available, unfortunately.

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