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Linkedin News interview: What Are the Ethics of Using AI in Businesses?

Lora Korpar interviewed me for Linkedin News . The full interview is here. Below are some highlights of it.

➤ What Are Areas of Concern for AI Ethics in Business?

Four areas that received much attention are:

Fairness and discrimination

Data protection

Transparency and explainability

Autonomy and human control

➤ How Are AI Ethics Regulated?

There are laws that regulate the use of AI in particular. The most prominent is the EU AI Act, which will regulate AI in the EU. Another example is New York City's law to regulate the use of AI in hiring processes.

AI is also subject to all the existing laws, such as privacy laws and anti-discrimination laws.

Having said that, AI legislation is not fully developed yet. In practice, a lot of the regulation in AI ethics is self-regulation done by the companies that develop or use AI.

Unfortunately, the self-regulation efforts typically fall short, as surveys show that the majority of companies don't even mitigate unintended bias, for example.

➤ How to Determine AI Ethics Standards

In companies that develop and use AI, AI ethics standards are often formulated internally, and the content of the principles depends on contextual details such as the company's sector.

When these standards are formulated, it is important to consult diverse stakeholders, such as end-users and impacted communities.

➤Thank you to Lora Korpar who wrote this article and interviewed me and Elizabeth M. Adams!

➤ See the LinkedIn discussion here

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