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"Ladies first": How not to use this expression/attitude in the workplace

➤ Imagine this:

You are in a meeting, there's a moment of pause in the conversation. You are the only woman and you are asked to speak. You decline for strategic reasons: You know you'd be in a stronger position if you chime in later. You are met with "No, I insist, ladies first".

➤ Imagine this:

You are a woman and your boss is a man. Every time you are about to walk through a door together, he insists on opening it. You ask him to stop, saying that it's making you uncomfortable. He refuses, explaining that he will keep opening those doors because he is "a gentleman".

➤ Don't insist. Hear the No.

➤ Don't single people out because of their minority status.

➤ Don't use people's minority status to get them to do things they don't want to do.

➤ See the LinkedIn discussion here

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