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AI ethics for startups and investors

The Bot Next Door podcast hosted me for a conversation about AI ethics, video recording available.

The topics we covered include:

➤ What I do

-- My research to operationalize AI ethics

-- My jobs as VP of Responsible AI at Mission Control and Responsible AI Advocate at Bria

➤ Putting AI ethics into action

-- How I approach putting AI ethics into action

-- Including: how to decide which AI risk areas your company should focus on, and how approach building mitigation of these risk areas into all aspects of your company

➤ AI ethics and investors

-- Why it is important that investors think of AI ethics when they choose which companies to invest in

-- How investors can take AI ethics into account in due diligence

-- How investors can help portfolio companies increase their AI responsibility

➤ Diversity

-- Why diversity in the tech industry is important to making AI more socially responsible

Links to the recording:



Apple Podcast:

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