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A list of AI ethics non-profits

My birthday was this week! To celebrate, I made a list of tech ethics nonprofits. Consider donating! Add more!

➤If you love one of the non-profits and want to recommend that people donate to them, please write a comment to say so on this LinkedIn post

➤I am sure that many are missing from this list. Please add more on the LinkedIn post, especially outside of US and Europe. I will update the list.

➤Here's the list:


🎂The Algorithmic Justice League

🎂All Tech is Human

🎂Black in AI

🎂Center for AI and Digital Policy

🎂Ethical AI Governance Group




🎂Montreal AI Ethics Institute

🎂Queer in AI

🎂Responsible AI Institute

🎂Responsible AI Network Africa

🎂Responsible Innovation Labs

🎂Startups and Society

🎂We and AI

🎂Women in AI

🎂Women in AI Ethics

➤Update from the comments I got on LinkedIn:


🎂AI Vulnerability Database

🎂Bits of Freedom

🎂Big Brother Watch

🎂CET - Center for Ethics of Technology at Humanities Institute

🎂The Distributed AI Research Institute (DAIR)

🎂Electronic Frontier Foundation

🎂Encode Justice

🎂Homo Digitalis

🎂Humans in the Loop Foundation

🎂Humans For AI


🎂Privacy International

🎂a Quadrature du Net

➤What a privilege it is to be alive during the AI revolution and be able to push it in a better direction.

➤Cheers to all who are working to make AI safe and beneficial!


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