VP of Responsible AI,

at Mission Control

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About Mission Control


Mission Control is a platform for automating responsible data and AI governance. It does so by connecting between a company's ethical guidelines, policies, people, and artifacts (such as datasets and models). For example, through Mission Control, employees can tag policies into datasets and models. When Mission Control detects a conflict between a policy and an artifact, it automatically alters the relevant employees and managers. In addition, Mission Control guides the company in writing responsible policies, building into their compliance with upcoming regulation, best practices in AI ethics, and the company's own AI ethics principles.

What I do at Mission Control

I am spearheading efforts to make AI ethics practical and scalable, bridging between academic research and the needs of the business world. That includes designing frameworks to move AI ethics from talk to action, and working closely with other leaders in this space, enterprise partners, and investors to shape a more responsible future with AI.