Embedding AI Ethics

in Due Diligence

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In a nutshell


Funded by The Notre Dame - IBM Tech Ethics Lab and in collaboration with VentureESG, I am creating resources to help investors evaluate companies' data and AI ethics risks. This work is based on research in AI ethics and my framework for implementing AI ethics, as well as interviews, workshops, and feedback from investors and other experts in the field. 

The resources I am creating provide guidelines on how investors can take the following steps:

  • Decide whether a company requires an AI due diligence

  • Determine the risk level of the type of AI application the company develops or uses, in accordance with the EU AI Act

  • Determine the risks that the particular AI application presents

  • Determine the AI ethics maturity of the company

  • Decide on next steps

More details will be publicly available soon. 

Why I work on this project

Investors have tremendous potential to increase the adoption of responsible AI practices. They can provide oversight and guidance for established companies that already have a huge impact, and for early-stage companies that will grow into tomorrow's corporations. In addition, investors are financially incentivized to prioritize responsible AI (as I discuss here). Yes, there are hardly any resources to guide investors on AI ethics.