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Responsible Investing in AI:

A Responsible AI Due Diligence for VCs

I developed a due diligence workflow for investors who engage with AI and data-heavy companies, in collaboration with VentureESG. It will help you evaluate risks, determine investment eligibility, and plan how to support portfolio companies. 

This work is based on dozens of interviews with investors and tech companies, in addition to academic research in AI ethics, philosophy, and responsible innovation. 

In addition to downloading, below you can see the summary and an online version of flowchart.

RAI DD Cliffsnotes - Ravit Dotan1.png


STEP 1: Decide Whether the Company Poses AI Risks

AI DD 29112022 2030 עמודים נפרדים-02.jpg

STEP 2: Evaluate Regulatory and Values Risks

AI DD 29112022 2030 עמודים נפרדים-03.jpg

STEP 3: Evaluate Responsible AI Maturity

AI DD 29112022 2030 עמודים נפרדים-04.jpg

STEP 4: Determine Investment Eligibility

AI DD 29112022 2030 עמודים נפרדים-05.jpg

STEP 5: If you Invest, Provide Support

AI DD 29112022 2030 עמודים נפרדים-06.jpg


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