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I am a tech ethicist specializing in data technologies such as AI.

I advise, speak, and conduct research about tech ethics.

I focus on helping organizations develop socially responsible approaches to data technologies.

My academic work

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I am the Director of the Collaborative AI Responsibility Lab at the University of Pittsburgh, as a postdoctoral associate at the Center of Governance and Markets,

My research focuses on how to help companies, investors, and public administrators engage with AI and data more responsibly.

My most recent completed project was creating a guidebook for responsible AI due diligence.

My industry work


I work with companies and investors to design and implement responsible AI strategies.


For example, I lead AI ethics efforts at I design and oversee the implementation of the company's responsible AI strategy.

I was VP of Responsible AI at AIRL. I developed frameworks for implementing AI ethics.

My non-profit work

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I advocate and promote AI ethics.

At Women in AI, I am the AI Ethics Implementation Lead (US branch, Ethics&Culture team). My main project is spearheading a global responsible AI hackathon.

At MKAI, I am a Specialist Advisor for AI Ethics. My main project is supporting developing countries on responsible AI issues.

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 My Current Projects Include

  • Co-Founder and Director of the Collaborative AI Responsibility (CAIR) Lab at the University of Pittsburgh. I lead research on responsible AI governance.

  • Responsible AI advocate at, a generative AI startup. I lead all AI ethics efforts at the company.

  • I create tech ethics content. You can see it here and on my LinkedIn page.

 My Background Includes

  • My work has been featured in publications such as the New York Times and TechCrunch.

  • I was recognized as one of the 100 Brilliant Women in AI ethics 2023 by Women in AI Ethics

  • I received a 2022 "Distinguished Paper" Award from FAccT, the top AI ethics conference.

  • I earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy from UC Berkeley

► The phonetic spelling of my name is "rah-VEET doh-THAN". You can hear what it sounds like here.

My partners, sponsors, clients, and audiences include:

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Montreal AI Ethics Institute


The AI



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