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I work to make technology safe and beneficial.

I write, research, speak, and consult on tech ethics. Especially AI ethics.

➤ I am VP of Responsible AI at Mission Control, whose platform automates and scales responsible AI governance

➤ I am the Responsible AI Advocate at Bria.ai, where I design and implement the company's responsible AI strategy

➤ I am developing a framework for implementing AI ethics

➤ I am developing a responsible AI due diligence questionnaire for VCs, in collaboration with VentureESG and funded by the ND-IBM Tech Ethics Lab

➤ I write and speak about many aspects of AI ethics

➤ I consult people who develop, use, invest in, or buy AI

➤ I have a PhD in philosophy from UC Berkeley


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I will be speaking at

How to be an Ethical Impact Investor in Tech


Online event,

September. 8, 10:30-11:30am ET

More about it here